News and information:
We have 2 variants of chats:
The normal mode in which you can turn on your camera and start a webcam chat
The mode for slow connection in which you cannot turn on the camera but start a text chat
Please select your chat mode and internet connection:
Entering chat you agree with the next rules:
1. In the chat is prohibited: exchanging of any contacts, requests for material aid and gifts.

2. Forbidden to leave chat unguarded, speak on the phone in front of the camera.

3. We strongly recommended to have your web cam ON in Multi chat, in Private chat- necessarily.
4. In the case of any technical problems prohibited in chat with a client blaming site. 90% of all problems are not because of the site work . In other cases, we do warn customers.
Useful tips:
1. If the man said that he did not see you, but your camera is turned on. In the Light-version, click Change mode and select point Camera.
2. For questions or problems please contact site support.

3. We highly recommend you to use only Mozilla Firefox.
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